Friday, March 21, 2014

Self Portrait #1
Oil on canvas board
The mug of mugs.  Here's my "selfie" in oil; so to speak.  I did this self portrait for my various profiles.  I think this would hold up better that an actual photograph of my mug... might crash a few computers =P.

I stayed loose in the approach to this painting and wanted to stay free form without regard to actual details and focus on the essence.  Most likely, this will be my direction in future works. 
This was painted from a photograph my wife took of me in Florida last year.  While there we celebrated my aunt's 90th birthday at the House of Blues.  Being the “active spirited“ woman that she is, she danced her legs off and even "climbed" up on stage and kissed the singer of the band after he serenaded her "Happy Birthday" and brought the house down in a bluesy improved rock 'n roll jam!
She's is still sharp as a razor and will cut any man down to size if crossed!  God bless her, got to love the family.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Couple

 Oil on canvas board
The photo doesn't quite do it justice but I love how the hues came out in this painting.  I like the small vase and knew that one day I was going to paint it.  Then one day my wife brought some cuttings in from the yard and that sparked my interest right away.  I had to paint them before they started to wilt.  I haven't painted in over a year due to a massive kitchen remodeling and a hectic production schedule from various studios I contract with.  So this makes a great piece to kick off with back into the painting mode.

Sunday, March 16, 2014
I finally got this up about a month ago.  Still fleshing it out.  I think It looks pretty good so far.  Take the plunge.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Studies in Oil by Maurice Morgan

Ok, here we go folks.  I just finished editing this thingy and posted it.  Hope you like it.  I am now off to my next lot of painting after a long hiatus.  Cheers.