Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Relic The Profile

oil on canvas
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The first time I saw the bust of this Indian head I’ve wanted to paint a portrait of it.  It was an artifact a friend of mine had in his home.   

Detail 1

A piece he brought back from one of his many trips, over the years, to India.  I was able to sit in and do a few studies of it, as well as, take a few photos for further reference to use later. 

Detail 2

 I started the under painting late on Friday evening after I finished my Pencil work. 

Here’s the final pencil sketch in all of its glory.
Here it is getting the full mud treatment of burnt umber and turps…
Sorry "stupid-phone" shot 1

Nice and swirly…

Sorry "stupid-phone" shot 2

Evened out …

Sorry "stupid -phone" shot 3
Initial Rub out ala “Flemish”…

Sorry "stupid-phone" shot 4

Working on the final color stage.

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