Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When Jack Becomes Art
Oil on canvas

I was originally going to do this as a small painting but thought it would be more impressive as a larger piece. 

Detail 1
Painting reflective and translucent surfaces are always a challenge because of the distortions and warped imagery they produce.  Painting chrome is another one. 

Detail 2
  I like painting these types of surfaces. 

Detail 3
This painting took some time to do because I had to break down my studio at two different times to have our wooden floors replaced due to a moisture problem which caused a lot of damage.

Detail 4
 But I finally got it done!
Background laid in.
When I started this painting I washed in a raw sienna ground for the base over my penciled rough.

3/4's there.
This painting was at a good size so I had to do a lot of rotating while using a maul for support.
Working on the last 4th.
Here I'm working on the final stages.

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