Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When Jack Becomes Art
Oil on canvas

I was originally going to do this as a small painting but thought it would be more impressive as a larger piece. 

Detail 1
Painting reflective and translucent surfaces are always a challenge because of the distortions and warped imagery they produce.  Painting chrome is another one. 

Detail 2
  I like painting these types of surfaces. 

Detail 3
This painting took some time to do because I had to break down my studio at two different times to have our wooden floors replaced due to a moisture problem which caused a lot of damage.

Detail 4
 But I finally got it done!
Background laid in.
When I started this painting I washed in a raw sienna ground for the base over my penciled rough.

3/4's there.
This painting was at a good size so I had to do a lot of rotating while using a maul for support.
Working on the last 4th.
Here I'm working on the final stages.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Studies in Oils and Acrylics

The Yard #1
Acrylic on illustration board

 This was painted one lazy afternoon while lounging in my backyard.  I've always loved painting in acrylics because of its fast drying and setup qualities.  Doing quick sketch studies with this medium is great because you can throw down a wash or value setting and then lay an opaque layer on top and go from there.  It’s been a long time since I last used acrylics and had to re-acquaint myself to the value shifts between wet and dry colours.  I did this one on a scrape piece of illustration board that I cut up into smaller pieces for this purpose some time ago.  I will definitely be doing a lot more of these in the time to come as I think this is a good exercise for the 'o hand, eye and brain noodle-thingy-communication.

Bowl of Bangles
Oil on canvas panel

On that same note of doing quick studies and getting loose and all, I did this one in oil using my new pochade case; getting away from my cigar paint box setup and comfort zone.  Time to get “old school” and tap into that once familiar “vein” of creativity and discovery and play around with the medium.  This painting is of an old hollowed out decorative coconut shell that my wife is currently using as some sort of holder for her bangles.  Nice!